U7 - U11

CO-ED.  Each year our club and most of the other clubs in Ontario each host its own tournament where on average 20 or so teams come together to play a divisional league or cup based 3-4 hour event on either Saturday or Sunday morning.


We post a schedule when it becomes available (late April). These Junior events are fantastic and are attended by many hundreds of players. “Tourney footage” (Old U12) The kids play, and then the host club throws a BBQ lunch, etc. If your kids camp or regularly cottage it’s not a big issue, make what you can. Those available on a certain weekend let us know through Teamsnap, and everyone gets to play. If unavailable it is OK, you make those you can, this is a squad sport.


Last year we attended 8 the year before 7, they were Oakville, Branford, Highland, Markham, Ours (Hydro Fields), Aurora Barbarians and Georgian Bay Titans Collingwood and London. Again, see teamsnap for info when it comes.


Players are selected to 3 or 4 teams, they then play in divisions appropriate for the team's level. There are always development sections at the tournaments. Individuals are taught to play in a squad and the flexibility of having 3-4 teams lets us move kids around to provide a challenging, progressive and stimulating sporting experience. 



CO-ED. But we will field Girls teams also U13s   This age group is moving to a new 10 a side format this season, which will allow the kids to learn the basics of rucking, and start to understand the full game. Additional costs may apply to MRA Team participation in June as it is optional.  See the "Age Groups" section of this website for additional details. The Kids still play at the tournaments mentioned above.



New ages added for 2018!!  Girls only team for U15 and U17 .  Competitions schedule and other details TBD.- These teams are the reigning champions of Ontario!!